Coventry Estate Agents Advise on the Best Areas to Buy a House in and Around Coventry

Coventry remains one of the most affordable areas in the West Midlands to buy a house. Its convenient location, halfway between London and Birmingham, makes it a smart choice for people looking to buy their first home on a budget, or move with their work in the area. Coventry estate agents agree that the city is also ideal for landlords searching for new investment opportunities, being often cited among the places with the highest returns on buy to let properties in the UK.

There are many aspects of the local property landscape to take into consideration when deciding to look for houses for sale in Coventry, from the quality of the property stock available in different Coventry residential areas to the proximity of local facilities, schools and transport links. Especially since levels of accommodation and property profile tend to vary between Coventry areas. This is why a solid knowledge of the Coventry property market proves to be extremely useful to buyers.

We have asked leading Coventry estate agents to advise on the best local areas to buy a property and their top recommendations for people searching for houses for sale in Coventry. Here is what local Coventry estate agents recommend:


Located south-west of the city, Earlsdon has been one of the busiest districts in Coventry since the late 19th century, when urban development took place around Albany Road. Earlsdon quickly became one of the most desirable residential and commercial areas of Coventry and has kept much of its original character to date. Earlsdon property is defined by beautifully preserved heritage buildings, many of them displaying blue plaques commemorating famous past residents. This is one of the reasons houses for sale in the area always command higher prices than in other Coventry areas. Coventry estate agents recommend Earlsdon for the splendid architecture of properties and the great community spirit that exists in the neighbourhood.


Styvechale, or Stivichall, has long been a farming area, concentrated around the Styvechale village and the parish Church of St. James. The area has been owned for centuries by the Gregory family, who demolished a large part of the old village when developing the estate. A few heritage buildings have retained their original features, such as Styvechale Grange, the Stivichall hamlet and Kenilworth Road. In the 1920′ the estate was sold to the Coventry Corporation and transformed into a thriving urban area, with good schools, plenty of green spaces and a good selection of local amenities. Coventry estate agents recommend Styvechale for its quiet lifestyle, exceptional accommodation you will find in most of the houses and flats available for sale in the area, and the green open spaces available to local residents.


Stoke covers a large part of Coventry city to the east, including Stoke Park, Stoke Aldermoor and Stoke Heath. Stoke property landscape is very diverse and includes a good number of heritage buildings, from large houses built for the 17th century middle class around Stoke Green, to smaller suburban dwellings in Stoke Heath. Today the area offers very convenient accommodation to students and young professionals. Coventry estate agents recommend Stoke for its’ affordable houses available for sale, great transport links to city centre and the great variety of local facilities the area offers, from shopping venues to popular bars and restaurants.

Besides these areas, there are great opportunities to purchase houses or flats in other Coventry areas as well. Make sure to contact local estate agents in Coventry in order to keep up to date with the latest offers in residential sales and buy to let in Coventry, and receive personalised advice on finding a property that suits your requirements.